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Garbage Collection Group Rate Opportunity

Email Sent 11/6/2017        Dougies Recycle Information        Dougies Residential Guidelines

During the 2017 Spring General Meeting your RLI Board was asked to investigate the opportunity to consolidate garbage collection services.  The potential benefits of consolidating garbage services are:

  1. Lower rates using a group rate;
  2. Reducing the number of garbage trucks on our roads, thereby reducing wear and damage.  Currently there are four companies serving the Runyan Lake area on two different days.  This results in up to 12 garbage trucks on our roads each week (separate trucks for garbage, recycle, and yard waste by each company);
  3. Garbage containers out for collection 1 – 2 days per week instead of the current 3 – 4 days per week;
  4. Better and more consistent service when using only one company;
  5. The potential for lower rates in the future if participation is high.

Quotes were obtained from all four companies servicing our area.  This information was presented during the 2017 Fall General Meeting.  During that meeting the Runyan Lake Inc. Members in attendance, and your RLI Board, recommended all Runyan Lake Inc. Members voluntarily obtain garbage collection services from Dougies Disposal.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO RUNYAN LAKE POINT RESIDENTS – YOU ARE COVERED BY A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT DISTRICT THROUGH YOUR ASSOCIATION AND SHOULD TAKE NO ACTION REGARDING GARBAGE COLLECTION SERVICES.

Dougies Disposal Rates and Services for Runyan Lake Inc. Members

Please note – this is not a special assessment, nor is your participation required.  Participation is voluntary, however, as noted above, there are good reasons for Runyan Lake residents to utilize the same garbage collection company.  If you choose to participate, you will be entering into an individual contract with Dougies Disposal and each property owner signing up for service will receive and pay their own bill.  You will be charged one of the group rates below.

As Members of Runyan Lake Inc. Dougies Disposal is offering you the following rates and benefits effective 2022:

Trash rate:


$42 per quarter using their own container


$48 per quarter with a 96-gallon curb cart

Senior rate:


$40 per quarter using their own container


$44 per quarter with a 96-gallon curb cart

Recycling weekly:


$12 per quarter using their own container


$9 per quarter with a container rental

Yard waste:


3 free on yard waste weeks April--Nov. then $2 per bag after that.

Bulk item:


2 free bulk items per year that need to be called into the office to schedule pick-up.

We will offer this price for 3 years.

To obtain your special rate simply call Dougies Disposal at 810-991-1579 and tell them you are part of the Runyan Lake Inc. association and are requesting garbage collection services using their group rate.  If you currently use Dougies, call them anyway and ask to be include in the group rate.   Many of the above benefits are not included unless you have the group rate.  More information about Dougies Disposal can be found at

Again, we would encourage you to sign up with Dougies Disposal to save a few dollars, preserve our roads, and to reduce the number of days garbage cans litter our road sides.  If you sign up don’t forget to cancel your existing garbage collection contract. 




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